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December 13, 2012


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Slaves Of Dubai

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 13, 2012, 7:42 AM

Fifteen minute documentary exposes the putrid reality behind one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

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batmantoo May 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you Khuram for sharing this!
I wish more awareness is there for the plight of these workers. As long as people don't know, things go on... it's business as usual. :(
MARX77 May 5, 2013   Photographer
"As long as people don't know, things go on... it's business as usual."
Well said, my friend.
Thanks for posting this. I find it amazing (in a bad way) when people around me talk about how great Dubai is. It's very common for people where I live (Scotland) to go there to work or holiday, and they either know nothing about this 'darker side' of the city, or have heard rumours and refuse to talk about it. They say stuff like, 'Oh that's just what it's like in that part of the world' (i.e. 'those foreigners don't have proper, civilised societies' - a pretty racist undertone). It's gross. I first read about Dubai specifically in a book 'Evil Paradises', by Mike Savage. It seems to me that it's an extreme example of what is found everywhere to some degree - uncontrolled capitalism. I understand when people react to documentaries like this by questioning what humanity is doing to itself and finding it very tragic, but it seems clear to me that it's about economics too, it's about capitalism. Which makes me angrier, but also makes me feel less helpless, because it's just an economic and political ideology, and these can, in theory, change. maybe? What do you think
MARX77 Feb 3, 2013   Photographer
I think you're absolutely right!
Dubai is a great place no doubt (I would know, I was born and raised here) - probably a thousand times better regarding financial opportunities, security and livelihood than say, Pakistan or India. But the one major issue with the U.A.E. as a whole is, ignorance.
There's a huge, huge elephant in the room and the our esteemed leaders/sheikhs simply refuse to acknowledge it -- but then, why should they? It's not their problem.
I remember an Emirati (U.A.E. local) I met at the Department of Economic Development tell me once that "If these men are finding it so hard to work here, they are free to leave the country. They came here on their own, we didn't invite them. They work, we pay. They don't work, we say goodbye. Simple."
this is so hard too watch and think.. hope we'll live in a better world some day... :(
MARX77 Dec 23, 2012   Photographer
I hope so too.
It was very brave of you to watch. Kudos!
An eye-opener, for sure. Thanks.
MARX77 Dec 21, 2012   Photographer
Very sad to see this taking place in our so-called 'civilised and modern world'. Thanks for sharing.

Btw, how do you embed a video in your journal? I have tried that a couple times, but it didn't work.
MARX77 Dec 17, 2012   Photographer
Hi, Keld
Here ya go: [link]
And here's a youtube tutorial: [link] .
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